Electronic applications have played an important role in human being's everyday lives. The quality reliability is always

the major concern; how to raise it has become the R&D direction for the electronic material field.




 Jyejiang group has established on 1991 specializing on laboratory equipments. However, as the great demand of automation on industrial structures, we have expended our business to investigate AOI machine since 1996. The followings are the products we have accomplished:

1. Optical disk inspection system (printing quality, mix disks and crack damage)
2. Keypad defect inspection system
3. Rewinder inspection system (for cooper foil, paper, glass fabric, membrane film

 inspection etc...)
4. Foil inspection (e.g. Copper foil clad laminate or other metal clad laminates)
5. Color inspection

6. Print quality inspection
7. Others (P/P sheet inspection, OPC inspection etc...)

 To research and to develop better functioning and stable products is on our top







 From our experience, the function and stability are restricted by the quality of components.

Thus, we develop our own components to increase the system reliability. We manufacture

our own visual component, circuit component, data calculating component,etc... Due to our

high efficient component, we develop the first color inspection system in the Asia.


 In addition to low cost, we believe good capacity and efficiency are the only ways forenterprises

to maintain a long term operation advantages. In view of this, we develop color inspection systems

to helpour customers to increase their product efficiencyand quality and then to reduce their

product costs by data generated from our systems. We truly wish that our systems can help more

industries besides electronic material industry.


 Only the continuous of Research and development will sustain the leadership in the industry.
We believe our outstanding system will assist our customers to gain more competitive advantages

. And, we will continue to develop better systems to serve the best interests of our customers.

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