Color Inspection System



Technology has been progressing in the light-year speed, and 3C products have become the necessity for everyday life.  The quality

ofelectronic raw materials is very essential for the quality of electronic products.  Therefore, we devote to continue developing better

quality inspecting technology to help sustain the good quality of electronic raw materials.  With accumulated experiences, and

research and development, we are proudly present our color AOI system with a reasonable price.

Traditional black and white inspection system is weak on the color contrast defects, and usually misses out these defects.  Although

there are some color image capture devices on the market able to pick up these color contrast defects, the costs are high, and the

capacity and speed of these device are low in turn of huge data happened simultaneously.  We have spent years on developing a

high capacity and high speed processing card to work with our reasonable priced color AOI system. We believe our color AOI system

will help you to gain competitive advantages in your industry, which are proven by all of our valued customers.



System illustration











Inspection process

Colored CCD in our system will take color images and passes them on to our high speed processing cards to do defect analysis and defect classification.


Number of sensors

When color CCD takes images, every pixel is scan by R、G、Bsensors which is equivalent to use three monochrome cameras simultaneously.


Easy color filter

Color AOI system has color filter module, which can easily filter out the desired colors.


Color defect images 

Defect images are in colors which can be easily classified by the end users.


Color defects classification

It is very easy to see the color difference under color CCD, Color AOI system can do defect analysis and classification through these color information.










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