Customer Service Procedure


  Quality guarantee is fundamental aspect of customer service and product globalization is a trend in any industry. Jyejiang

devotesin R&D and continuous education and training in accordance with our business statementLatestTechnology+

OutstandingService =JyejiangOur current customers and suppliers recognize our efforts. In view of technology, Jyejiang

has proved itself through its deployment in many large enterprises as an effective solution with the following characteristics:



















A comprehensive service model
According to the automation requirements of today's enterprises, aiming at providing a comprehensive service through each

stage,in addition to system layout and complete testing products, we also provide a whole range and combination of thorough

servic products and packages, assisting enterprise to achieve a successful automated on-line inspection system.


Fast response service structure

Besides the quality of service and quickness of response, another very important factor is whether the root cause of the problem

hasbeen eliminated and how to prevent the same problem from happening. Through mutually service, Jyejiang meets the goal

of satisfiess customers.    


Systematic on-line procedures

1. Standardized consultant and training procedures

2. Constant monitoring of customer satisfaction

3. Professional assistance on complete flow of the project

4. Complete and detailed written consultant reports for future use

5. Establishment of internal consulting database for fast deployment of the automated inspection system


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