Organic Photo Conductor Drum Inspection System


For Organic Photo Conductor Drum inspection



System illustration




Detectable Defect Types

Black spot, Contamination, Chrome spot, Scrape and bump, Anode, Bubble, Spray dirt, Tool mark, Scratch, Uneven


  • • Inspects 100% of the OPC drum
    • Detects defects as small as 0.05 mm
    • Inspection speed up to 4sec/roller, depending on the configurations
    • Object size: A4/A3 (roller16~60, length 200~500mm)
    • Could be positioned in-line as part of a production process, or stand-alone as a separate inspection unit
    • Defect map and images are displayed on the monitor in real-time


  • Benefits & Advantages

• Benefits & Advantages
• Substantial savings on inspection and operational expenses
• Consistent and reliable quality standards
• Accurate and accessible quality data
• Reduced customer claims


Complementary System

SIPPIS developed by Jyejiang group is on-line quality control software. It will instantly input inspection data into customers's query

stations for later tracking and analysis. Also it provides distant search function, so management level can use these data formanagerial

decisions. Sippis software is customer oriented; it can be modified according to buyer's demands






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