Print Quality Inspection



Continued improvements in our inspection system, we have developed a new system called SIPPIS PVIS.  We use unique algorithm to detect defects on printing material at high printing speed and then increase the quality of the products.



System illustration








high inspection quality

.newly develop super 3 CCD camera on either pure black or white materials
.straight forward  operation method through the main screen of our system to finish defects setup.
priority control and automatic record function to  deal with important defects first and save more defect images.


high performance operation

.intuition oriented high performance operation.
monitor function can track the inspected defects.
.ability to record the allocation of the defects on the materials leads to precise control of the inspection situation.



.inspection started on the day installed
ongoing inspection process even when the inspected material has been changed.
.customized system according the customers' needs and budgets.


Compatible machines


. Gravure printing machine
. Winding machine
. Dry Laminating Machine
. Extrusion Laminating Machine
. Gravure coater

. BF presses
. Rotary press
. Embossing wallpaper
. Label printer
. Flexo printing press

. Other press and winders


Superior ability on defect determination


3CCD's color performance truly restore the contrast of colors on the inspected materials.



● Spectrophotometric prism 3CCD camera

  high-speed 80MHz cameras and intermediate 40MHz camera



● High-resolution 3-line camera

  high color presentation and detailed performance.








Defect example





Main Specifications




Illumination device

3-CMOS color camera 4096 pixel linear sensor 80MHz

3-CMOS color camera 2048 pixel linear sensor 80MHz

LED lighting

Windows XP embedded



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